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Bert’s Furniture opened for business almost 40 years ago. Back then, the store’s owner and namesake Bert McCraken sold shoppers used office furniture. Today, Bert’s son Pat and his wife Emalee have turned the space into a cornucopia of fascinating antique treasures.
At Bert’s, there’s always something unique and odd for sale among the vintage furniture, China and home décor. For example, the store once had an eight-foot statue from a New York City lingerie store in stock. Then, there were the shipping crates for a full-sized harp that some lucky shopper made off with. But Pat and Emalee’s favorite piece has to be a solid oak, rolltop desk. It has a swinging side that pulls out like a drawer to reveal compartments and cubbies inside. If that doesn’t get you interested in a visit, we don’t know what will!
215 S. Horner Blvd.